SoulBeat by SoulCycle

The challenge

SoulCycle prides itself on a tech-free mind-body workout, but riders were begging for stats. So how do you show riders insightful metrics and music from their workout without distracting them in class? We created SoulBeat: A post-ride recap that celebrates their hard work on the bike, and progress made over time.

My role

I was the Lead Product Designer, responsible for initial concepting, research, architecture, and design of SoulBeat in the SoulCycle iOS App.


John Kresse, Product Manager
Benjamin Grohe, Product Manager
Anthony Loven, Design Manager
Jordan McQuade, Product Designer
Bren Cavallo, Data Scientist

In the beginning, there was Soul Stat

In the early stages of the project, the data team had built a proof of concept called Soul Stat. The goal primarily was to see if data could be reliably captured from the bikes in the studio. As a container for the data, a report card-style PDF was generated for each rider in the class. From early testing, we saw that riders would compare their “Soul Stat number” but really didn’t have any sense of how it was achieved or even what it actually meant.

SoulBeat goes way beyond calories burned and heart rate

A workout at SoulCycle is more than just a spin class, it has soul. We knew we needed to give riders something that went beyond the basic metrics they could get from their Apple Watch. The stats needed to be unique to the rhythm-based, music-pumping format of the class. Most importantly, they should feel like a celebration after every class.

We devised four signature stats that use a combination of sensors on the bike and microphones in the ceiling to measure how each rider was performing in class. No two SoulBeats are alike.

Receiving your SoulBeat

After each class, the rider’s SoulBeat is crunched in the cloud and delivered to their phone as a quick swipe-able story. Who wouldn’t want to brag share this on social?

Push Notification

Right after class, a push is sent to their phone.


A special message from your SoulCycle instructor.

Most On Beat Song

Using BeatMatch, we calculate the song in class that matches closest to the target beat.

Most On Beat Song, Details

How the sausage is made. This shows riders a cadence chart of the entire class and where they hit their highest BeatMatch.

Most Powerful Song

Using Power, we calculate the song in class that generated the most average power.

Most Powerful Song, Details

The proof is in the pudding. This shows riders a chart of the entire class and where they hit their highest Power score.


A quick share-able snapshot of their ride.

SoulBeat History

Over time, riders will be able to track their trends not only across classes but different instructors as well.

Early wireframe explorations