The challenge is a leading online supplier of building materials to contractors and a technological pioneer in their category. After conceiving of a new same day delivery service called FastTrack, they needed a new online store optimized for displaying accurate inventory and predicting delivery details for their hardworking customers.

My role

I lead the overall visual look and feel of the project and played an active role in shaping the user experience. As well, I was responsible for delivery to the client-side development team.


Agency: Cake & Arrow (NYC)
Jason Permenter, Creative Director
Ed Samour, User Experience

Keeping everything organized

With a tremendous catalog of material materials, creating a logical navigation system was key in aiding customers to find what they need.

Get in, get out has demanding customers who shop directly from the category pages. They are often under a time crunch to finish a project and need to know detailed inventory and how quickly they can get it delivered. It can mean the difference between buying it from, or paying a higher price at a local contractor supplier.

For the power user, real-time inventory delivery dates are available directly on the category page.

It’s in the details

Each product in’s inventory has a plethera of associated descriptions, specifications, manuals, reviews, related resources and of course the inventory availability and shipping dates. Organizing all of this information was key to letting customers find what they need.

Confirming every last detail

Because delivery dates are so important to the customer, the cart needs to acurately reflect at a detailed level which products and how many will arrive each delivery date.